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       LIBRARY - Books, Publications, etc.


The Hive & The Honey Bee , Dadant, 1975.
All about Bees, beekeeping & Honey, Gojmerac, 1977.
Two for the Honey, Tontz, 1988.
First Lessons in Beekeeping, Dadant. 1976.
The Joys of Beekeeping , Taylor, 1974.
Observation Hives, Webster & Caron, 1999.
The Honey Bee, Gould & Gould,
The Wisdom of the Hive, Seeley,
Controlling Honey Bee Emergencies, A.I.Root Co.,
Beekeeping ,Melzer
The Life and times of the honeybees, Charles Micucci
How do bees make honey?, Anna Claybourne
Buzzing a hive, Teachers Guide, Jean C. Echols
Keeping Bees, John Vivian
The Beekeeper's garden, Ted Hooper & Mike Taylor
Bumble bees for pleasure & profit,  Andrew Matheson
Beekeeping ,  Barrons
The Beekeeper's Garden  , Ted Hooper & Mike Taylor
Cooking with Honey  , Hazel Berto
Bees don't get arthritis,   Fred Malone
The practical entomologist, Rick Imes
Buzzing a hive, LHS & UCB
Beekeeping for Dummies, Howland Blackison
Honey Bee Pests, Predators, and Diseases, Morse & Flottum
Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping, Caron

Treatise of Apitherapy


Beekeeping, Vol.64, #'s 1-10 1998
Beekeeping, Vol.65, #'s 1-2   1999
Bee World, Vol. 76, #'s 1-4  1995
Bee World, Vol. 77, #'s 1-4  1996
Bee World, Vol. 78, #'s 1-4  1997
Bee World, Vol. 79, #'s 1-4  1998
Bee World, Vol. 80, #'s 2-3  1999

Back Yard Beekeepers Meetings on Video Tape

Larry Connor        "Books"  5/24/94
Kim Flottum        "An editor's revelations"  6/28/94
Dr. William Towne    "Bee Sounds & Dance" 1/24/95
Ms. G.A. Laughlin    "Ukrainian Easter Eggs" 4/18/95
Dr. David Fletcher    "Queens & their Tricks"  5/23/95
Dr. Theo Cherbuliez    "Bee Venom Therapy" 4/18/96
Bob Noel        "Varroa Mites"       10/96
Bob Noel        "Varroa Mites"     2/25/97
Dr. Dewey Caron     "Honeybee Races"     3/25/97
Kate Solomon    "Working Africanized Bees"    1/25/00
Dr. Theo Cherbuliez    "Aspects of Apitherapy"       3/28/00
Nancy Troup        " Keeping Mason Bees"    5/23/00
BYBA General    "Crafting Beeswax"      10/24/00
Dr. James Amrine    "Use of essential oils"  1/23/01
Ray Lackey        "Season Start-up"                 2/27/01
Paula Macedo    "Using Powders to detect mites"        3/27/01
Dr. Dewey Caron    "Swarm control & Honey Production" 4/24/01
Walter Blohm        "Apitherapy"            5/22/01
Dr. Rick Fell    "The Biology of Over Wintering Bees" 9/11/01
Dr.Wyatt Mangum        " The biology of Queen Cells" 10/23/01
Bob Cole"Beekeeping in remote areas of the world" 11/22/01
Weekend Workshops; capturing swarms, hive inspection, honey harvest  2001
Dennis van Engelsdorp "Integrated Pest Management"        1/29/02
Kim Flottom        "The Floral World of Honey Production"  2/26/02
Ann Harman "Products from the Hive, Proper Labeling & Marketing" 3/26/02
Medhat Nasr "Her Majesty,The Queen Honey Bee:Biology, and Genetics" 4/30/02
Howland Blackiston "History of Beekeeping & Tuscan beekeeping video" 5/28/02
Dewey Crayon "Winter Preparation and Africanized Bees" 9/03/02
Tom Seeley "Bee Hive as a Honey Factory" 10/29/02
Mark Feldlaufer "Research Programs at the USDABee Research Lab" 1/28/03
Dr.'s Anderson & Magnarelli  "Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station" 2/25/03
Dewey Caron "So, Honey, What Have You Done For Me Lately?" 3/25/03
John Skinner "Pollination: Co-adaptation of plants & pollinators 4/29/03
William & Nancy Trout "Queens, Queens, and more Queens" 5/27/03
BYBA Board "Winter Preparation" 9/02/03
James Tew "Learning to speak the biological language of the honey bee" 10/28/03
National Honey Board "Cooking with Honey" 11/18/03

Other Video Tapes

Nova                  "Tales from the Hive"        
Bob Melse          "Workable Africanized Bees"  1991
H. Bolanos          "African Bees"
Dr. James Tew     "Smokers & Reading Frames"
Ed Weiss on the  "Martha Stewart Show" &  Alton Brown's "Good Eats"
TV episode          "Cooking with Honey"

Language of the Bee - Moody Inst. of Science
"Bee Sting Therapy - I want to tell the world"
with Pat Wagner, Amber Rose, Charlie Miraz
New Hampshire Beekeepers Association